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Your Financial Plan Should Drive Your Portfolio Decisions

We believe that the essential driver of all portfolio decisions is your financial plan. It is your plan, rather than any momentary market viewpoint that should dictate the composition of your investment portfolio and determine how much risk you need to take in order to achieve your objectives. Your investment portfolio represents only a portion of the many strategies required to implement a comprehensive wealth plan. Our San Francisco financial planners will take into consideration your risk level and financial goals in order to come up with a custom strategy for your portfolio.

The Four Distinct Disciplines of Financial Planning

Comprehensive Financial Planning is actually comprised of four distinct disciplines each designed to address the individualized needs of families as they climb the wealth ladder.

1. Tax Planning Enhancement – growing assets and maximizing returns as efficiently as possible

2. Wealth and Income Protection – protecting both your income and your assets from liabilities and the unexpected

3. Wealth Transfer – transferring assets to your heirs with minimal disruption and costs

4. Charitable Giving – maximize your charitable giving utilizing tax-mitigating provisions of the tax code

The Collaborative Approach To Financial Planning

Winship Wealth Partners utilizes a collaborative approach as we move through the various stages of the Wealth Planning process. This team approach to planning and implementing key financial and investment strategies enables you to harness the expertise and resources of your entire advisory team, including your investment advisor, your attorney, your accountant, and your insurance professional in a coordinated fashion.

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