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Many financial advisors work with their clients to develop an investment strategy that guides their investment decisions. The problem is that many investment strategies are developed in isolation as a means to an end, which typically centers on investment performance with less concern for the clients long term objectives. This can lead to investment decisions based on short-term outcomes that have little impact, if any, on long-term objectives, and that often leads to underperformance.

At Winship Wealth Partners, we work with our clients to develop long-term investment strategies based on academically-proven principles and practices that instill the confidence they need to be able to adhere to their strategy. As part of our work together, our clients are educated on the irrefutable “truth” of investing, born out of the academic research, which is that markets work. When the important tenet is understood and embraced, clients are better able to ignore the swirl of noise and macro events of the day to stay focused on their long-term objectives. It also helps them avoid the common behavioral traps that snare many investors, such as chasing performance, following the herd at the top or bottom of the market, or trying to time the market.

Perhaps the best way to describe our investment approach is to begin with what we don’t do:

Our San Francisco investment advisors will not try to create a basket of stocks that, based on diligent research, we expect will outperform the markets. Nor do we try to find mutual fund managers who seek to do the same. We don’t try to time the markets. We won’t tell you that we have time-tested system or forecasting tool that tells us when to enter and exit the market.

Our principles or philosophy

Our investment philosophy is rooted in Nobel-prize winning academic research, in-depth studies of investor behavior, and eight decades of empirically-validated evidence and practical applications. Our distinctive philosophy never wavers – through bull and bear markets – because it is built on five core factors that keep our San Francisco investment advisors disciplined to our approach:

•   Beating the markets is virtually impossible

•   Risk and return are related

•   Diversification is the key to reducing volatility

•   Build your portfolio around your tolerance for volatility

•   The importance of taking a long-term approach to investing

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